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Are the St. Louis Rams done drafting wide receivers after Brian Quick and Chris Givens

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NFL Mock Drafts will continue to suggest otherwise, but it might be that the St. Louis Rams have enough young, up-and-coming wide receivers.

Joe Robbins

The St. Louis Rams have been associated with wide receivers in the NFL Mock Draft game from the moment they picked Sam Bradford first overall and anointed him team savior. In 2012 he still didn't have a number-one wide receiver, and in 2013 mock drafters will consider wide receivers when it comes time to mock-choose one of their two first-round draft picks.

If you believe Turf Show Times, though, the Rams should be through with that. And it's easy enough to guess why: They already have them. Brian Quick's season—11 receptions for 156 yards and two touchdowns—barely happened, but drafting another potential-number-one wide receiver would either suggest they'd given up on last year's raw prospect or bog down a team that's looking to contend with project receivers instead of usable models.

And Chris Givens, last year's other rookie wide receiver, arrived unexpectedly at midseason. He caught 42 balls for 698 yards and three touchdowns in 2012, and while he slowed down a little at the end of the year he was a major focal point in the offense—and a piece that could contribute to a truly effective offense.

Which is what the Rams want soon. The time for draft picks is over—taking more receivers would be nothing less than an acknowledgement that the current set has failed.