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The Sports of St. Louis

Short takes and weird news about St. Louis, and sports, and St. Louis sports. (It's a Lindbergh joke.)

Cards exit Winter Meetings with bullpen help

The St. Louis Cardinals' time at the 2012 Winter Meetings draws to a close with one item checked off their low-impact to-do list.

Ozzie Smith sells his Gold Gloves.

Ozzie Smith sold his Gold Gloves at auction, netting more than half a million dollars.

Is Chris Pronger's career over?

Flyers defenseman Chris Pronger has moved back to St. Louis, and it appears that his career might be done.

The Rams beat the 49ers—no matter how they did it

The St. Louis Rams didn't dominate the San Francisco 49ers by any means—but beating one of the best teams in the NFC is reason to celebrate no matter how you do it.

Lance Kendricks a 1st-half bright spot

The St. Louis Rams didn't get much out of their offense in the first half vs. the San Francisco 49ers, but at least Lance Kendricks is looking good.

Team Canada's Cardinal roots (feat. Stubby Clapp)

Team Canada's coaching staff for the 2013 World Baseball Classic features some big (kind of) St. Louis Cardinals names.

Why would the Cardinals pay for Sean Burnett?

The St. Louis Cardinals might need another relief pitcher, but do they really need Sean Burnett?

Danny Amendola, doubtful, a game-time decision

Danny Amendola is doubtful for the second week in a row, which makes the St. Louis Rams' wide receiver—well, a little less doubtful.

B.J. Upton shows just how valuable Jon Jay is

B.J. Upton signs a big deal with the Atlanta Braves, and the St. Louis Cardinals sigh with relief at Jon Jay's later start.

Bradley Beal's struggles continue as Wiz win one

Bradley Beal's struggles continue, but his Washington Wizards are finally off their season-opening skid.

Blues least valuable NHL team, as per Forbes

Forbes' annual "Business of Hockey" report doesn't paint the rosiest picture for the Blues, but is it really that huge of a deal?

Can we accept an average Sam Bradford?

Sam Bradford has just about pegged 50 in ESPN's "QBR" quarterback rating system. Is that enough for the St. Louis Rams?

With Jackson back, D-Rich will have to wait

The St. Louis Rams' running back tables have turned from the moment they didn't trade Steven Jackson.

Hector Luna joins Cards refugees in Japan

Hector Luna, who bought the St. Louis Cardinals Ronnie Belliard back in 2006, resurfaces with the Chunichi Dragons.

Kyle Lohse and the Sox a match made in not-heaven

The Boston Red Sox have supposedly called Kyle Lohse, but it would be a bad move for both parties to bring him into Fenway Park.

Can Rams depend on Danny Amendola?

Two weeks after the St. Louis Rams got Danny Amendola back from injury they found themselves without him again in practice.

Figgins: Official FA of people frozen in carbonite

The Seattle Mariners released Chone Figgins on Tuesday. They'll be paying him $8 million, but he's unlikely to get more than an NRI from anybody else.

This week, Kyle Lohse has Jeremy Guthrie to thank

Jeremy Guthrie signed a three-year, $25 million deal with the Kansas City Royals this week, which means Kyle Lohse is about to be an even wealthier man.

Cam Janssen organizes Blues charity game

Cam Janssen's a tough guy on the ice, but off the ice his charity work for victims of Hurricane Sandy is showing that he and the current and former Blues players participating have hearts of gold.

Marlins-Blue Jays trade explains Pujols talks

This is why the St. Louis Cardinals can be the St. Louis Cardinals after letting Albert Pujols go, and why the Miami Marlins couldn't be the St. Louis Cardinals if they signed Pujols, Stan Musial, and Ozzie Smith all at once.

Rams dinged for "hardcore stupidity" in overtime

The good news: The Football Outsiders were interested enough to watch the St. Louis Rams, for once. The bad news: They watched the Rams tie the San Francisco 49ers.

Matt Carpenter gets a Rookie of the Year vote

The National League Rookie of the Year voting results have one St. Louis Cardinal appearance, courtesy Post-Dispatch columnist Bryan Burwell.

Rodger Saffold returns to recuperating o-line

Rodger Saffold returned to the St. Louis Rams' offensive line on Sunday. Now only Scott Wells remains to complete the set.

Asdrubal Cabrera talks quiet (temporarily?)

Asdrubal Cabrera trade rumors are at a low ebb, but the St. Louis Cardinals' biggest need remains in the middle infield.

Danario Alexander has a huge game for the Chargers

Danario Alexander has another massive game, which is just what Rams fans expected when he went to the San Diego Chargers.

Tebowmania makes its way to St. Louis

The New York Jets' Tim Tebow problem became acute on Sunday, which means Week 11's visit to the Edward Jones Dome could be even more ridiculous than St. Louis Rams fans expected.

Scott Wells could finally anchor o-line soon

The St. Louis Rams' offensive line could be approaching full strength, such as it is, with Scott Wells back at practice.

Can Rams' pass D regroup against Alex Smith?

The St. Louis Rams' pass defense, so strong early in the season, was thrashed by Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady in back-to-back games before the bye. Can it regroup against Alex Smith?

Can the Cardinals depend on Rafael Furcal?

Should the St. Louis Cardinals' rumored interest in shortstops like Asdrubal Cabrera be dependent on Rafael Furcal's health?

Autographs get personal—Matt Carpenter gets uneasy

Your St. Louis Cardinals autograph experience just got personal, whether Matt Carpenter likes it or not.

Yadi won't win the MVP, but he had an MVP season

The St. Louis Cardinals' star catcher is unlikely to win the NL MVP Award when it's handed out next week, but his season was absolutely MVP caliber.

Asdrubal Cabrera spins Cardinals rumor mill

The St. Louis Cardinals' apparent interest in the Cleveland Indians' Asdrubal Cabrera puts a name to the Cardinals' obvious needs in the middle infield.