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Week 2 NFL Power Rankings

Week 2 NFL Scores And Results: NFC West Shut Out Sunday

The Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, and Arizona Cardinals all lose their Week 2 matchups, giving the St. Louis Rams a chance to finish first in the NFC West.

Week 2 NFL Power Rankings: Jacques Derrida's Ghost Deconstructs The St. Louis Rams

Jacques Derrida's ghost takes time off from a busy schedule of ruining literature and rehabilitating the reputation of Nazi ghosts to write a Week 2 NFL power rankings column for SB Nation St. Louis's Rams coverage. He won't be invited back.

This stream has:

Week 2 NFL Power Rankings: St. Louis Rams Hang Inside ESPN Top 20

We'll be updating about the St. Louis Rams' NFL power rankings follies all day, so follow along on our storystream for still more 18-22 finishes, if I had to guess...

NFL Power Rankings Week 2: St. Louis Rams Hold Steady After Eagles Loss

NFL Power Rankings continue for Week 2, with the St. Louis Rams holding steady at 15th on SB Nation.